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   web sitemaps and the importance of scope management at rgb studio

A sitemap is an overview of not only the site but the design team's deliverables. It is essential to determine the scope of the project. Tracking changes becomes easier when a site map is regularly updated. It is also a great way to determine the amount of communication the website must have with other services and/or sites, as well as the functional requirements for the project.


   typical sitemap for red green blue studio

Below is a preliminary sitemap we prepared for MSI. It is a fairly extensive site with loads of functionality. Most of the database and transaction functions are carried out by a separate web-based service. The red boxes indicate where the site must hook into a back-office service company which handles all their donations, registration fees and shopping cart functions.

Every box below represents a separate HTML page. The larger, multicolored boxes represent the main sections of the site which will have their own main menu button. The smaller boxes represent sub-pages visible only when one has landed on a page in that section. And the smallest boxes on the bottom are links within the site that are featured on most of the section pages. They are generally showcased within the content.

For a larger image, click here.

an RGB studio sitemap done for MSI, large and complex


Here is a simpler sitemap.

red green blue studio sitemap