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Project Management can make or break a project. Understanding the process and ensuring all parties communicate effectively is essential to ensure a successful project. We've tried to demystify the process by providing a simple graphic and explanation of what and when should occur during a typical web design/development project.

typical red green blue studio web design project timeline

Website Project
Timeline and Tasks

Although every project is unique, each one moves through the below basic steps.  There may be additional tasks required depending on the client’s needs and some of the tasks might be simplified or ignored, but by in large, the following represents a generic website project.

Research and Brainstorming

An informal survey of requirements (the needs and wishes of the client) is undertaken. Review of the client’s online competitors and what the client likes and dislikes. This is the “Blue Sky” period of the project, in which many doors are opened and explored. Typical Tasks include:

• Likeminded websites explored.
• Meetings with client and staff to discuss existing processes and strategies.
• Client articulates future priorities and new directions which pertain to website.
• Approaches and options discusses and explored
• Education of client regarding the web as required.
• A summary of requirements is articulated.

The project moves forward after a summary of requirements. (often informally articulated in an email or verbal discussion) is approved and both the client and designer are comfortable with proceeding.

Schematic Design/ Rough Sketch

Simple diagrams of structure and process are laid out and discussed. Rudimentary categories and pages are identified and placed on a site diagram. A rough website click-through may or not be produced to help formulate structural solutions. Design directions are articulated through flat images to show possible visual treatments and style. Typical Tasks include:

Site map articulated and discussed.
• Click-through to promote discussions about the use and placement of navigation.
• 1-3 schematic design layouts are produced.
• Discussions regarding design direction continue.

The project moves forward after the site map is approved, solution methods other than CSS/HTML (Flash, databases, blogs, forms, etc.) are agreed upon. Navigation systems, format and layout, page names and sub-pages are articulated. Design direction and layout are approved and both the client and designer are comfortable with proceeding.

Design Development / Refinement of Solutions

Once a design layout is approved the design details and specific treatments are discussed. Often the click through is modified to showcase specific design solution options and to help describe hierarchical navigation and methods of graphic orientation. Finished content is transmitted from client to designer. Graphic solutions specific to a page or sub page are presented. Typical Tasks include:

• Refinement of design layout and navigation.
• Final copy and graphic solutions completed and placed.
• Demonstrations of non-standard media such as Flash or database systems.
• Navigational systems and hierarchical graphic solutions are presented.
• Images specific to pages are presented.

The project moves forward after final and approved content for the site is transmitted to designer. Graphic solutions and images specific to the web pages are approved. Navigational systems and non-standard treatments are fully explained and demonstrated.

Web Site Construction

Designer produces working version of website and places it on red green blue studio’s website for perusal and testing. The project moves forward when the website is complete and in working order.

Quality Assessment and Testing

A thorough quality assessment is done to make sure all links are in working order and are consistent with the approved site plan. The project moves forward when testing is complete and the website functions in accordance with the scope articulated in the contract.

Publish and Optimize

The web site is loaded into the client’s server space. The search engines are notified, meta-data is loaded and the website is announced and optimized according to the specific requirements called out in the contract.