About Wendy D. Walter

At the age of ten, Wendy Walter experienced something akin to Ambril’s adventure  when her family moved from sunny Pacific Palisades, California to Salt Lake City, Utah in the middle of a snow storm.

Though she didn’t have any real life monsters to deal with, there were plenty of bullies out on the playground. “Salt Lake felt like a small town back then. There was a definite separation between the righteous and all the rest of us."

Wendy remembers,"Everyone felt tremendous pressure to keep family issues hidden and to sweep all of our problems under the rug.”

Struggling with such a different culture just as she headed into adolescence left its mark on Wendy and prompted her to incorporate her own experiences into her story about Ambril.

A former Interior Architect, Wendy has been an artist all of her life. She actually sketched the tree on the cover of Ambril's Tale, The Return of the Dullaith over twenty years prior to making it the centerpiece of her book cover. "I wrote on the back of the sketch how disappointed I was with it! It's a good thing I never throw anything away."