Ambril's Tale
Illustrations by Wendy D. Walter

ambril's tale fantasy series cover artwork

The illustrations for Ambril's Tale, The Return of the Dullaith were loads of fun to make. I started with a pencil sketch then moved them into the digital world to dress them up and sharpen the values.

Some of them, like the tree on the cover of my book, I was able to pull out of a pile of old sketches and repurpose. You can see the original sketch above, and the cover mid-process. Thank goodness I don't throw anything away!

You learn a lot about your characters when you draw them. After completing a sketch I often had to go back and rewrite a bit of the character. Because during the process of sketching them, I discovered new things about them that I simply had to share.

However, I do have to admit that sometimes, when a sketch came out well, even though it was slightly different from my description, I sometimes left them dissimilar. Call it artistic license.

The Aunties, for instance, are shown with the middle Auntie being somewhat shorter than the other two, whereas in the book, she is definitely the dominant force of the group. I liked the composition with the two on the side bracketing the one in the middle so much that I left it as is. I hope my readers will imagine her slightly slumped over at the instant that I drew her and that she settled back into her position of strength as soon as I turned my head.