The Sand Hill Review

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Carolyn Donnell

Black as Deepest Night


Where Is the Green? 

Bob Evans

A Little Death

Farnaz Fatemi

Incantation from the Betrayed Lover

Beth Houston

Postcards from Florida

 Emily Jiang

Fall Promise, Avec L'amour


Penelope's Tests

George Lober

Delay in Departure


I Find a River When I Need To Pray

Elaine McCreight


 Peggy Messerschmidt

Monet's Poplars


Poetry Campfire

Charlotte Muse

Bird Song


Maybe in Mexico

 Jacqueline Mutz

Cool Blue



Mary Petrosky

Waiting Out the Dark

Christine Ritz

Europa's Epiphany


Flame Thrower

B. L. P. Simmons

Sea Birds

Barbara Wilcox

Susan Rothenberg's Horse





Pat Aakhus

The Spy

Meredy Amyx

The Tale of Two Roses

Amy Bitterman


Elaine David

Unfading Scar

Kevin Ferguson

Demons of a Kingmaker

James Hanna


Elise Frances Miller

Honey in the City